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The Promise of a New Presence

Jesus is in our midst… but to become aware of his presence requires faith.

Jesus himself said:  “You will see me because you live and I also live”.

If we would venture more upon the naked promise of God, we should   enter a world of wonders to which as yet we are strangers.

It is not of utmost importance that we feel his presence but what matters most is to persevere in his ways.

In order to attain mature faith, it is then necessary that we be deprived of  the consolation of his presence for more or less prolonged periods: a  little while and you will not see me.

For the disciples this was verified for the first time at the moment of  Jesus’ death; later they saw him risen from the dead.

This will be verified for us at the end of time when we discover the  glorious Christ whom we have awaited in faith.

I believe no one should feel overconfident during those moments when  Christ allows his presence to be felt, for example, after a conversion.

When everything seems easy may we not look down on those to whom  the Lord does not seem to grant the same favours we might receive.

In a little while, perhaps, the Lord will leave us in darkness.

Likewise, let us not be discouraged when everything seems too difficult  and the world seems to be turning upside down….as if the Lord does  not seem to grant the same favours others might receive.

In a little while, the Lord will lead us into the light.

The gospel speaks as well of sorrow/pain turning into joy.

As we may reflect on our personal journey, we see that pain        turning into joy is part of the human condition.

Our life experiences show us that sorrow/loss and pain CAN bring us  close - to God and to each other.  It may not.

Prayer which can be a time of noticing the good in everything and of  praying that pain will turn into joy.

Christ’s Ascension gave new strength and energy to the disciples.

Being aware of the reality of the world, with all its challenges and  confusions, can we hold on to the message/truth the ascension of  Christ brings: that evil does not conquer.  That the Lord continues  his work on earth through his followers ..….through us.

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