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A Journey from the Edges

by Sean Farrell (A former CLM assigned in Mindanao, Philippines)

To stand at the edges
with those cast off by life,
To hold firm the hands
rejected by all around them.
To make a sacred journey,
  a walk into the lives of people.
For this, we strive,
to this, we are called.

To live with and see
the harsh story of daily toil.
To reach out and meet
the struggling story in every face.
To touch and heal
the lives burnt by life.
To hold and comfort
the oppressed of our broken world.

To accept and live with
those who are poor,
To open our hearts to
those robbed of dignity.
To walk a road of life with
those who can only stumble,
To open our hearts to
the broken children of God.

And on this road of life
that we walk with people,
We come to realise,
the many who walk with us.
As we thread this roughened path,
with all it's bends and cracks,
with all it's twists and stones,
then we begin to see.

That for the little we give 
how much we receive.
That for those we try to accept
how we are accepted.
For those we sit with in pain
how our pain is healed.
For every step we walk with
the two we are carried.

To share the lives of the poor,
The stories of the oppressed,
The tears of the broken,
And the cries of the hungry.
To be received by the crushed,
And to truly find God,
In their crying faces,
And in their laughing eyes.

For us who witness,
How we become touched,
For us who share,
How much we receive.
For us who give love,
How truly we know,
how truly we feel,
what it is to be loved.

'A life unlike your own can be your teacher'.      St. Columban

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