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How I live on mission , Right or Wrong?

This is the most difficult thing for me living in my mission country.

I often judge local people that they are wrong.

Then I try to teach them what I know.

And I become angry if they don’t accept my concern.

But, is it true that I am always right?

If what they do is their custom or their habit that they’ve been used to for a long time.

Can I say that they are wrong because their ways are not the same as mine?

I am an alien from a foreign country living with local people.

I ask myself, if a guest who visits me in my house tells me I am wrong.

And tries to teach me what is “right”, then how would I feel?


What I’ve learned from living on mission for more than two years,

Is that everything is different.

Once we stop judging who is right or wrong, then we can better understand everyone’s difference.

I realize how each one of us is very unique and special.

This is how I can truly live my mission  ♦

 ~Kim Jeong Woong -
'A life unlike your own can be your teacher'.      St. Columban

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